The Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland)

Elim Church Romsey has had an association with Challenge Ministries Swaziland (CMS) for several years.

CMS is a charity based at Potters Wheel Church in Mbabane, the capital of Eswatini. CMS supports many causes including a Men's Centre, a Women's Centre and children's work in remote communities. Most notably they founded and run an orphanage caring for nearly 400 children in Bulembu, an old mining town in the North West of the country.

To watch the latest video update click here:

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This is the link to the 5 to thrive campaign

5 to thriveBulembu Ministries

This is the link to the CMS UK website. Here you can go to the contact page, enter your details and request a newsletter. You can also make one off or monthly donations and you can sponsor a child:

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This is a link to the CMS Eswatini website:

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This is a link to the dedicated Bulembu website:

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Here is the link to the Potters Wheel Church website:

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